Exploring a better writing workflow

Over the last few years a lot has changed in terms of how I write.

I’ve used Scrivener quite a bit both on macOS and iOS. I’ve written 24,000 words of my book in it using the iPad. But there’s a problem: Rachael, and now Ralph. Scrivener is a tool for an author but not authors plural.

Working on my copy with someone else has proved to be a challenge. We’ve gotten by using Dropbox to sync the Scrivener document and mostly not trodden over ourselves but there have been some scrapes and Scriv really does not like it.

Since I use InDesign for document layout it seemed to make sense to try and use InCopy for writing together but if Adobe were trying to make it impossible to figure out a shared workflow using its tools then they did a bang up job.

Then again I have Notability on the iPad and I do a lot of handwritten notes there (often backed by audio recordings) and it’s a struggle to know how to integrate that.

Lastly I have this blog (and the blog on The Art of Navigation’s site).

I’ve ended up with quite a complicated, turn-the-handle, workflow for writing and I’m wondering how I can improve it.

Suggestions welcomed.