Hello. I am Matt Mower.

Benevolent Overlord

I work as a navigator helping the leaders of software businesses generate the right ROI on their investment. I am presently writing my book that describes my approach to building software companies.

Formerly I have been a developer and a CTO. I am fortunate that my work has allowed me to return development to being a hobby activity. I am presently at work on Mentat an application for solving information problems of which I have many!

I am also a musician. Mostly I make strange semi-ambient granular compositions. Often these are made using a Reaktor instrument I have created and out of snippets of sampled piano or cello.

I am also learning the piano. I played I Due Fuimi by Ludovico Einaudi in a small concert organised by my school in December 2018. Although I had played in public before (for example at St. Pancras station) this was my first real ‘performance’. It was nerve-wracking but also my first taste of applause.

I love played card/board/video games. I am also inventing a couple of board/card games myself. Nothing published yet.