Text of my letter to Counsillor Alvin Finch, Priestwood and Garth, Bracknell

Dear Alvin Finch,

I have just written to James Sunderland MP about the Conservative government, your governments, Health & Social care bill and what it will do to the NHS. The text of my letter is here:

As a Conservative counsillor I wonder if you are happy with your MP supporting the destruction of the NHS in all but name & clap, and ushering in an era of US style private medical services & insurance?

You may think constituents “don’t mind NHS privatisation” but they haven’t seen the bills yet. Or what it would cost them to insure themselves and their families.

You may think it’s right for private companies to have a role in the NHS, I don’t feel strongly either way, but I do feel strongly that if you remove the duty of the government to provide hospital services that can only be interpreted one way.

Do all you counsillors, your friends & family, have amazing private medical insurance? If not, you might want to worry about what this will do to people you care about.

Perhaps you could have a word with Mr Sunderland and your party colleagues about this and about the possible blowback of enabling profit & corruption off the backs of the sick?

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Mower

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