Text of my letter to James Sunderland MP regarding Owen Patterson / Corruption

Dear James Sunderland,

I am writing to you to express my disgust at your voting to whitewash Owen Patterson’s corrupt record and destroy independent oversight of MPs.

Own Patterson received payments from companies that he lobbied for to get government contracts without bidding. The commissioner has demonstrated that this is corrupt. Perhaps you think that is okay? If so, that says something damning about your moral compass. You and the rest of your ilk have also voted to make it okay for other MP’s to be corrupt. Perhaps you think that is okay too?

And we know why you did this. Boris Johnson. Who runs afraid of his own record being scrutinized. Remember Jennifer Accuri? Because we do. Remember expensive holidays and flat renovations? Because we do. You’re old enough to remember sleaze bringing down a past government. Perhaps you and your fellow MP’s should reflect on that and your chosen “leader”.

I look forward to the next election. You may think of yourself in a safe seat but I am determined to do my bit to remind the people of Bracknell of your record here and the shameful thing you have done to besmirch your good office.

And I am not alone.

I shall also be writing in the same terms to all of the Conservative councillors in Bracknell to ensure they also know what I think of their MP.

Please do me the courtesy of not sending me some pat PR release from Conservative HQ. Either do me the courtesy of replying yourself or wait for the judgement of the ballot box.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Mower
A disgusted constituent.

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