“Man is only truly great when he acts from his passions.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

I’m passionate about creating things and work in a variety of forms:

I like to write software. At the moment I split my time between Clojure, Ruby, and Objective-C. My open source contributions are on Github. I’m particularly proud of Elysium reviewed here by Create Digital Music. I enjoy mentoring developers so if you would like some help on your developer journey get in touch.

I release music as Mr Sandbags. I’m on the Ember Music label. My compositions often involve home made Reaktor instruments and granular synthesis. Music for Drones & Glitch is a playlist of 7 of my favourite creations. If you would like to collaborate with me drop me a line.

I write a blog Curiouser and Curiouser! Mostly about technology and communication with the occasional rant (although I mostly do that via Twitter these days).

My original qualification was a B.Sc in Computing & Mathematics. Later I did a postgraduate certificate in psychology and, most recently, I took a Certificate in Coaching course and am working towards my 40 hours of practice.

I took up Yoga in 2013. I love it and have added mindfulness meditation in 2014.