“Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.” ~ Niels Bohr

Does your business depend on technology for competitive advantage?

With a background that combines deep technology know how, business experience, and a passion for psychology, coaching, and leadership I can help you with:

  • Strategy development: esp. using technology to discover opportunities & achieve goals
  • Product focus: ensuring you have the right product, and the right product focus
  • Team development: advice, coaching, and mentoring to ensure your team will deliver

A practical way to begin working together is a workshop with your key players. We’ll come to a shared understanding of your unique situation, get alignment around the key goals and issues, start building insights, focus on what needs to happen, and develop a delivery plan.

If any of this sounds interesting please get in touch.

“Matt is a hawk-eyed CTO who brings his wealth of experience in start-ups, plus his extensive knowledge of coding and computers, to lend strategic, technical force to a company. He has helped map out our direction, keep me (as CEO) focused and given direct support to our tech team. I’d thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for guidance as they start out with a start up.” — Eugenie Teasley, CEO Discoverables

“I have enjoyed working with Matt, who brought new ideas and thinking to PAOGA, and would welcome the chance to work with him again in the future. He holds strong but well thought out views and enjoys being challenged and debating a wide variety of issues not only about business but also politics and psychology which certainly caused me to re-evaluate my attitudes. His ability to absorb and retain information is phenomenal making him an asset for any forward thinking business.” — Graham Sadd, CEO PAOGO