“First things first. But not necessarily in that order.” ~ Anon


What do I do?

I help businesses make technology work for them. Whether it’s coming up with the right strategy and market fit for a new products, hiring better and working smarter with developers, building and launching products, or avoiding costly mistakes.

What can I do for you?

Using the wealth of experience of entrepreneurship gained working as developer, team-leader, pre-sales, CTO, and Founder at numerous startups based in the UK, Europe, and US I can help you figure out the best product (or service) to build, the right people to hire, how to manage the development process, how to launch, and how to grow.

I love this work, I’m good at it, and I’m easy to get on with. Please ask for a reference if you’d like to hear for yourself.

How can we work together?

I use a coaching inspired, client centred, approach to help you be more effective. I recommend starting an engagement with a workshop to clarify the most important opportunities and problems and come up with a plan of action. Weekly or monthly follow-up meetings help ensure the strategy is right and being delivered effectively.

If your business has technology at its heart and you need some fresh thinking I’m very keen to hear from you.